Your Seamless Fuel Experience

  • Enterprise and Supplier Development Points (ESD)
  • BEE Procurement Points
Switch suppliers to cater for your BBBEE procurement requirements, sort your required payment terms and have access to inland storage facilities as well as on-site storage solutions.


Reduces Costs

Improves Compliance

Increases Cash flow

Credible track record

B4i Fuel is a wholesale fuel company, with a level 2 BEE status. The larger B4i Empowerment Group services a wide industry range, including but not limited to the retail, mining, transport and agricultural sectors. B4i Fuel is ideally positioned to supply diesel to these sectors of the economy. Many of our clients require a quality product that adheres to specific quality specifications, logistical support in terms of storage and transport, competitive pricing and buying from a company with acceptable BBBEE credentials to improve their own BEE score card. The company also holds a wholesale fuel license from the department of energy.
  • Level 2 BBBEE company provides the full value chain within the fuel supply chain.
  • B4i Fuel can support funding fuel infrastructure such as on-site fuel storage, fuel management systems, etc.
  • 30 million litres of inland storage at Krugersdorp and Kimberley.
  • Quality service delivery with collection and distribution from inland depot`s.
  • Effective transport and delivery service by road or rail.
  • Offering guaranteed quality and adhering to product specifications.
  • Providing payment terms to approved clients.
  • Accommodate all cash transactions (COC and COD) via G-Pay (Guarantee Payment) system.


Head office: (012) 940 1900 | Deon Schoeman – 083 309 6009
35-A Catherine Avenue, Shere, Pretoria East